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Pat Rivera

Cole, who is 4 months old, just got stung by a bee on his nose. It is swelling a little bit. Is it safe to give him a benadryl tablet? ... See MoreSee Less

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Yes. Start with a half

How is Cole doing with his bee sting? Did the Benadryl help?

Ouch! The basic Benadryl rule of thumb 1 mg/lb of dog weight. 50 lb dog would need 50 mg. Glad Cole is doing better.

Logan has been diagnosed with low thyroid levels (hypothyroidism).  He had a score of 4.
He has had hair loss, flaky skin, weight gain and is very lethargic. 
He will start on tablets to treat the condition.
Does anyone know of any other Picards who have been diagnosed with the same condition?

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No..I don't know another Picard with hypothyroïdism...

There are a few. Check Dr Jean Dodds site @ Hemopet for some information on tests & treatment options. she also has a book. Another book is, "The Canine Thyroid Epidemic, Answers You Need For Your Dog," ~ Diane Laverdure. IMHO, hypothyroidism in dogs is likely not so different than in humans: the thyroid is a master gland that is more "the canary in the coalmine" reacting to, or notifying you of toxins in your environment.

I know of it in one of the Picardy Lurchers.

4 weeks ago

Shirley Hitchman

Yesterday I had full bloods and a skin scrape done on Barbu who is one of my Picards.
I bred her 11 nearly 12 years ago and she often suffered skin problems but always managed to keep it under control with fuciderm cream and adding supplements such as oil to her diet. She has never had any nail issues though.
Her lymph nodes are up at present the bloods have ruled out lymphoma and the skin scrape ruled out mites. The skin lesions are around her eyes and lips and possibly starting around her anal area.
She was operated on successfully a couple of years ago for a fast growing benign hair follicle tumour on her face.
We are looking at an autoimmune problem here.
Age is obviously against her now but this problem often occurs when dogs are around 6 years old so she is nearly double that so although this is most likely a hereditary condition it could well be that good husbandry and environmental considerations can keep the condition under control for longer.
We are looking at DLE Discoid (cutaneous) lupus erythematosus. Her bloods show her other organs are normal at present so hopefully it isn't the more serious SLE. She is now on antibiotics and steroids.
I will keep everyone informed but we are probably going to need to think about research into autoimmune conditions in the breed.
I will bank DNA from Barbu her litter sister and dam for future use.
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I like, what you write. I like everything you do to find out.... But also it seems, that each time a Picard is struck by any diagnosis everybody is looking into conditions in the breed. In every breeds and mixed breeds conditions manifests themselves from time to time. I would so much like us to look at healthy long living dogs instead of always focusing on, what might be wrong. You have had Barbu for 11-12 years now -also humans get "things" as we grow older..... Just some thoughts..... 🙂

Hope medication will help her live a full life, and thank you for thinking ahead of prevention and monitoring her food and environment. We must all be aware that well adapted measures can help delay the symptoms of diseases, in dogs as in humans.

Hope she will be in the best health she can be into her twilight years xx

Love and kisses, hope she is feeling better xx

Awwwww 🙁 Big loves to you both Shirley xx

Bon courage et quelle chance ont vos chiens d'avoir une maitresse comme vous

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4 weeks ago

Shirley Hitchman

Can your dog safely eat these fruits? I never knew about cherries😮. Pass it on. ... See MoreSee Less

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