2 years ago

Inger Karlsson

Any heart issues reported to this group?
There are approximately 65 picards in Sweden. Two have been diagnosed with aorta stenosis. One severe, one mild. The one with "severe" is a happy unaffected soon to be 12-year-old. The one with "mild" died from other causes. They are litter mates btw.
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On my side, not heard of any, but perhaps because non diagnosed ...

Hear quite often of heart murmurs ranging from 1 to 3 but to date none have gone on to have any physical symptoms. When operated on for neutering the heart murmur disappeared so they think it could be when the dogs are stressed at the vets surgery. . A couple were referred and checked out by heart specialists for heart beats being very slow they were classed as innocent and dogs lived to 13 and 15 years of age. One with a heart murmur who died from something else the post mortem showed no heart defects. So I would say no.

I might add both the picards in my thread had ultrasounds/echocardiagrams done.

My first Picard had a aorta stenosis , but died at the age of 6 from kidney failure.... She never had any suffering from the aorta stenosis, she was a very happy and lively dog!

Cachou has had a heart murmur for years but with no other symptoms. She is certainly less active now but pretty healthy for 10 years

Lara out of that litter Connu and Ciel don't have a murmur, Croc does but only a grade 1 and no other symptoms. Celt had a murmur but when tested at the Royal Dick (they said it was a physiological split so just a noise apparently a lot of Greyhounds have this) the vets who did Celts post mortem said his heart was perfectly normal. Both parents Véronique de la tour Philippe and Urreus de la tour Philippe don't have a murmur.

Bela(10,5 years old) also have some trouble, his cardial valve don´t close correct, but he is fine. He just don´t like it very hot, and no bicycling (that´s how I found it) A friend of mine have a Picard with aorta stenosis, 5 years very fine in health

My Caradoc (BP/pitbul mix) had a heart murmur, he was already 10 when I adopted him, the vet opted to keep an eye on it as he did not seem bothered by it at all. He lived to age 20 and passed of congestive heart failure. It never bothered him until the last few days. I always made his food for him, with lots of veggies, organic meats/fats/oil, and high fiber. I think his diet made all the difference for him.

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2 months ago

Bridget Connolly

Having out of courtesy informed Luc's breeder I now feel able to inform you all of his recent health issue. I do this for educational reasons.The clubs health team will be researching and advising on the topic and providing further information at a later date. However I have been asked to let you all know to get awareness of this condition out amongst our Picard community, as early diagnosis improves prognosis and the breed are known to have a predisposition to this auto immune condition.
A few months ago Luc intermittently held one paw up, I also noticed loss of pigmentation on his claws, which presented like very fine streaks of white,He was fully weight bearing and not troubled and there was nothing untoward to find. Over the past couple of weeks it became worse and his claws started to split longtitudinally. He has been diagnosed with symetrical lupoid onchodystrophy. This is an auto immune condition which may well affect him for his life timeAt the moment he has undergone surgical intervention, and is on an agressive medication regimen in order to prevent deterioration in his other paws, where the first signs are present.
This is for information only as I am quite content with the treatment he is recieving and dietry supplements as researched by Frédérique Fremont
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Thank you for sharing, hopefully the treatment will give him quality of life. I am sorry for you and Luc!!

Our Ollie, who we lost last year, was also diagnosed with SLO. We tried various diets and supplements but it was only after we went to a specialist who started him on pentoxyfilene that all his nails improved. He was on this for a number of years with no apparent side effects. Good luck to you!

Thank you for sharing. Wishing Luc the best.

Hope all goes well, wishing you and Luc the best. X

3 months ago

Shirley Hitchman

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Very interesting. Do we know the number of founding dogs in our breed?

If you look on Pawpeds you can see how far the pedigrees go back. Unfortunately we think that all the breeders who reconstructed the breed after the wars are probably now dead so no one to ask.

This video is a real gem. Thank you for posting Shirley! I'm curious how far we are from his recommendations at the end. Do we have the worldwide pedigree (does Pawpeds include all dogs)? Have we identified "orphans" whose parents are unknown, beyond those dogs used in the re-founding? If we have those two in place, who are our low Mean Kinship dogs?

No Angela unfortunately Pawpeds doesn't include all dogs, if anyone wants to include theirs they can contact Gary Andrews or Ellen Adam and ask to be added.

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