3 weeks ago

Liz Annie

Honey did not feel well two nights ago. Her tummy and feet were hot. She didn't eat much and she had diarrhea. It got late and she felt really hot. I took her temp and it was over 102. I called my daughter and we took her to the emergency vet. Her temp was 103.3 hot to me. They said slightly raised. She had some blood in her diarrhea while there and although hadn't thrown up at home did so at the clinic. They ran tests, one for parvo and while waiting I was starting to be sick myself. The parvo was negative although I was told to have another test. I was sent home with an antibiotic, medicine for her stomach, anti-parasite meds, canned food, a probiotic and a prebiotic. Honey was better but still had diarrhea. I called my vet the next day. The info had been faxed to her. She said that if she seemed better and hadn't thrown up that we didn't need to come in. Today, Honey is bouncing to the ceiling and really enjoying this canned food. She is eating and sleeping, playing, and going to the bathroom. Any ideas? She had had her second round of shots plus a flea med five days before this. ... See MoreSee Less

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I don't give flea or heartworm medication within at least a week of shots unless I absolutely have to for some reason. I also separate the flea treatment from the heartworm medication. I've never had a reaction, but I don't like overwhelming their system with anything.

Happy that she is feeling better

Good to hear she is feeling better.

Glad she is feeling better. Sometimes - they just get sick.

So sorry you went through that time of waiting for a parvo test. I imagine I would have been very scared! Sometimes puppies have coccidia which comes out when they're a bit stressed.

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Logan has been diagnosed with low thyroid levels (hypothyroidism).  He had a score of 4.
He has had hair loss, flaky skin, weight gain and is very lethargic. 
He will start on tablets to treat the condition.
Does anyone know of any other Picards who have been diagnosed with the same condition?

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No..I don't know another Picard with hypothyroïdism...

There are a few. Check Dr Jean Dodds site @ Hemopet for some information on tests & treatment options. she also has a book. Another book is, "The Canine Thyroid Epidemic, Answers You Need For Your Dog," ~ Diane Laverdure. IMHO, hypothyroidism in dogs is likely not so different than in humans: the thyroid is a master gland that is more "the canary in the coalmine" reacting to, or notifying you of toxins in your environment.

I know of it in one of the Picardy Lurchers.

Yes, I have one, just on levothyroxine after trying forthyron. He is doing great on it. He was at the age of 5 when diagnosed after being very lethargic, before that I never had a problem with him. My vet told me in his case it is not heritable and just like in human, just a single case. His behaviour is normal, no agession then or now. Just a normal Picard

These are one of the conditions a lot of people believe is due to the use of collar instead of harness, as the thyroid gland is affected.

It seems quite a few people are now turning to a harness in preference to a collar due to the damage a collar could inflict on the delicate neck area.

And don't forget the showline!!! That is what cost Friques his thyroide

Is he on replacement therapy?

Yes, Marta Amundson has Zoe from me that has hypothyroidism.

Did they assess his thyroid antibody levels too?

Oh no!!!! I'm so sorry to hear this Sue! X

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3 months ago

Sonja Taylor

There is a 1 year old Berger Picard in Canada that has been diagnosed with idiopathic epilepsy. She experienced two seizures shortly after her first birthday, following a traumatic life change (the death of the other dog in the house). She has been prescribed phenobarbital, and since taking this medication has had no further seizures but she is now experiencing what appear to be sudden onsets of dizziness / wobbliness, about 5 times a day. These periods seem to occur when she is sitting quietly and so far have not happened when she is engaged in an activity. The vet has also recommended that her food be switched to ProPlan Neurocare as this can help with epilepsy. Does anyone know of other Picards that suffer from epilepsy, or have any experience with phenobarbital / Purina ProPlan Neurocare food? ... See MoreSee Less

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Sorry to read this! Sorry for the dog and her owners! I have no experience with these combi, sorry

So sad. I would have to read the ingredients in the food. Wonder what's in there they feel would help with seizures

Ketogenic diet is supposed to help

When one of my Paps started with idiopathic seizures I learned that rosemary can trigger them and many dogfoods have it as a preservative. That's when I started to feed raw. He and his daughter both still have seizures but never as hard or as long as they used to.

Yes I have heard about rosemary also.

University of Missouri is doing a genetic study on epilepsy with a grant from Canine Health Foundation. Please have the owner contact Liz Hansen and send blood it.

Just curious, do they CT the head to ensure there is no brain tumour? I would assume they do to then call it idiopathic.

Great suggestions both above from Betsy Gilardi Richards and Laurie Mack. I have not heard of any Piacrd with idiopathic epilepsy.

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1 years ago

Inger Karlsson

Any heart issues reported to this group?
There are approximately 65 picards in Sweden. Two have been diagnosed with aorta stenosis. One severe, one mild. The one with "severe" is a happy unaffected soon to be 12-year-old. The one with "mild" died from other causes. They are litter mates btw.
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On my side, not heard of any, but perhaps because non diagnosed ...

Hear quite often of heart murmurs ranging from 1 to 3 but to date none have gone on to have any physical symptoms. When operated on for neutering the heart murmur disappeared so they think it could be when the dogs are stressed at the vets surgery. . A couple were referred and checked out by heart specialists for heart beats being very slow they were classed as innocent and dogs lived to 13 and 15 years of age. One with a heart murmur who died from something else the post mortem showed no heart defects. So I would say no.

I might add both the picards in my thread had ultrasounds/echocardiagrams done.

My first Picard had a aorta stenosis , but died at the age of 6 from kidney failure.... She never had any suffering from the aorta stenosis, she was a very happy and lively dog!

Cachou has had a heart murmur for years but with no other symptoms. She is certainly less active now but pretty healthy for 10 years

Lara out of that litter Connu and Ciel don't have a murmur, Croc does but only a grade 1 and no other symptoms. Celt had a murmur but when tested at the Royal Dick (they said it was a physiological split so just a noise apparently a lot of Greyhounds have this) the vets who did Celts post mortem said his heart was perfectly normal. Both parents Véronique de la tour Philippe and Urreus de la tour Philippe don't have a murmur.

Bela(10,5 years old) also have some trouble, his cardial valve don´t close correct, but he is fine. He just don´t like it very hot, and no bicycling (that´s how I found it) A friend of mine have a Picard with aorta stenosis, 5 years very fine in health

My Caradoc (BP/pitbul mix) had a heart murmur, he was already 10 when I adopted him, the vet opted to keep an eye on it as he did not seem bothered by it at all. He lived to age 20 and passed of congestive heart failure. It never bothered him until the last few days. I always made his food for him, with lots of veggies, organic meats/fats/oil, and high fiber. I think his diet made all the difference for him.

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