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2 weeks ago

Shirley Hitchman

You can view the electronic version of the Animal health trusts annual review check out page 9 regarding Give A Dog A Genome.
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2 months ago

Liz Annie

Honey did not feel well two nights ago. Her tummy and feet were hot. She didn't eat much and she had diarrhea. It got late and she felt really hot. I took her temp and it was over 102. I called my daughter and we took her to the emergency vet. Her temp was 103.3 hot to me. They said slightly raised. She had some blood in her diarrhea while there and although hadn't thrown up at home did so at the clinic. They ran tests, one for parvo and while waiting I was starting to be sick myself. The parvo was negative although I was told to have another test. I was sent home with an antibiotic, medicine for her stomach, anti-parasite meds, canned food, a probiotic and a prebiotic. Honey was better but still had diarrhea. I called my vet the next day. The info had been faxed to her. She said that if she seemed better and hadn't thrown up that we didn't need to come in. Today, Honey is bouncing to the ceiling and really enjoying this canned food. She is eating and sleeping, playing, and going to the bathroom. Any ideas? She had had her second round of shots plus a flea med five days before this. ... See MoreSee Less

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I don't give flea or heartworm medication within at least a week of shots unless I absolutely have to for some reason. I also separate the flea treatment from the heartworm medication. I've never had a reaction, but I don't like overwhelming their system with anything.

Happy that she is feeling better

Good to hear she is feeling better.

Glad she is feeling better. Sometimes - they just get sick.

So sorry you went through that time of waiting for a parvo test. I imagine I would have been very scared! Sometimes puppies have coccidia which comes out when they're a bit stressed.

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