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2019 Picardy Sheepdog Club Competition

Photographs included in the calendar were chosen during a Club competition by an independent judge.

Congratulations to:

January 2019 Mala Bissoon
February 2019 Sarah Medway
March 2019 Rob King
April 2019 Judith Hamilton
May 2019 Sue Jeavons
June 2019 Sarah Medway
July 2019 Sue Jeavons
August 2019 Jan Woods
September 2019 Nicky Byrne
October 2019 Paul Dolby
November 2019 Bridget Connolly
December 2019 Mala Bissoon

Available to buy:

2019 Calendar

£17.50  including UK Postage & Packaging

£20.00 including Worldwide Postage & Packaging

12 Blank Cards (1 card of each winning photograph)Single       £10

£17.50  including UK Postage & Packaging

£20.00 including Worldwide Postage & Packaging

Delivery before Christmas can not be guaranteed for purchases made after 18th December, and no delivery dates can be guaranteed, although all efforts will be made to ensure parcels are posted as soon as possible after purchase has been confirmed.

If you would like to buy one of the Picardy Sheepdog Club 2019 Calendars or sets of 12 Blank Cards, please use the PayPal options below.  Please select the correct PayPal option depending on whether you want a Calendar or 12 Cards, and whether you want your items posted to the UK or Overseas.

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