6 days ago

Joan Østerbye Lund

Planet Paws
How they get your pet food to look like meat...

(video credit: Companion Animal Network)
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Planet Paws

3 weeks ago

Shirley Hitchman

Luxury training at home! You can do it yourself ... with a bit of help.

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Well it might be good -but the pup needs to be socialised and trained with other pups 🙂

Quite a few on the more forward thinking trainers are now acknowledging that if only 20% of pups cope in a class training situation that we could be doing a lot better and on line courses seem to be one option that is gaining momentum.

To that I could comment -none of my dogs ever "learned" anything from puppy-class -i always taught them myself. BUT... in my opinion the pups need to go in order to meet and socialise with other pups and people. And I certainly agree, that the trainer has a great responsibility so the pups will no get bad experiences 🙂

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